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European politician, Commissioner for Enlargement of the EU (1999-2004) and for Enterprise and Industry (2004-2011), Vice-President of the EC.

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THINKTANK has been operating since 2009 as a social entrepreneurship. The Centre manages a network of ideas, delivers publications and multimedia, carries out and organizes research. All of its activities are conducted within strategic programs and partnership projects. It also publishes a quarterly, “THINKTANK Magazine”, dedicated to effective management, leadership and public policies. It runs THINKTANK SOCIETY – a society of experts and managers gathered around THINKTANK and interested in their own self-development. THINKTANK itself is a network of experts: it consists of almost a hundred specialists from various fields. Our activities are also supported by institutional partners.



THINKTANK SOCIETY is a community gathered around THINKTANK, which most actively makes use of its know-how, opportunities and contacts. Membership allows to share their experience and broaden their strategic network. It has the form of a closed club, where there is a charge fee, the enrollment is of a formalized nature and provides tangible benefits. The quarterly "THINKTANK magazine" is available as part of the TTS package. Who can become a member? Experts and practitioners, entrepreneurs, managers, business and administration leaders who are interested in self-development, increasing the effectiveness of their organizations and expanding strategic networking.



THINKTANK operates in a wide network: public institutions and local governments, political circles in the country and in the European Union, diplomatic missions, Polish entreprises and international corporations, universities and research centres. A large number of the leaders, managers and experts of these organizations participate in projects of the THINKTANK Centre, whose activities are conducted within partnership projects and strategic programs. Each program consists of projects carried out with institutional partners, using the THINKTANK network of experts. Currently, the Centre is executing nine strategic programs - read more about it here.



The quarterly "THINKTANK Magazine" is addressed at business and public administration leaders. It presents new concepts on development and describes inspiring and proven management tools. It is available by subscription and as part of the THINKTANK SOCIETY package. THINKTANK also publishes several dozen publications every year, starting from in-depth and interdisciplinary reports through analyses and dossiers, ending with summaries of recommendations. Most of the publications are created in collaboration with experts from THINKTANK's “network of ideas”. They provide leaders with expertise on key management and public policy issues.



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